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What we're looking for

It is important to us that everyone featured on the TEDxEhrenfeld stage have that magical combination of a fascinating idea
coupled with the ability to share it in an engaging and relatable way. Some of the characteristics we are seeking to include are
the following:

Novelty: We want innovative and original ideas – or ideas presented in a way unique to you and your experience/knowledge – we are not likely to feature motivational speakers, con dence coaches, business advisors or people who have given similar TEDx talks elsewhere in recent years.

Diversity: We actively seek diversity in ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, age, disability, education and non-traditional experts.We want to champion the voices that are often marginalised or underrepresented in our society.

Creativity: We are looking for speakers who present their ideas in a unique and captivating way, which is personal to their experiences, perspectives and expertises.

Credibility: We are looking for speakers who are committed to their idea and knowledgeable on the topic. You don’t need to have a PhD, published a book, or be a world recognised public  gure. But we do ask that you have spent time understanding, developing and validating your ideas – this can be through your work, studies, research and/or lived experience.

Successful speakers come in many guises, from raw talent to vast experience, and we are always seeking the elusive ‘diamond in the rough’! Don’t be discouraged from applying because you feel you don’t conform to the image of the ‘traditional public speaker’.


What you get

Every speaker has their own motivation to participate and we hope you will benet from your TEDxEhrenfeld experience in many ways.

As a team, we are committed to:

Mentorship and guidance throughout your TEDxEhrenfeld journey. You will receive individualised coaching support as well as the opportunity to develop your public speaking skills through this process.

Creating a professional platform with great exposure. This is an opportunity to spread your ideas to Ehrenfeld and the world. We will facilitate this through lming and editing your talk to broadcast quality and promoting it to our community, online networks and press contacts.

Assembling a dynamic, diverse audience and networking opportunities. Our audience is passionate about ideas and through our curation and communication on the day and in the run up to the event, we will create the best environment for your idea to be heard and spread.

Delivering a professional event to showcase your idea. We have a committed speaker team ready to help you prepare before the event and ensure that you have an incredible experience on the day. Our wider team works tirelessly to create an unforgettable experience for speakers and audiences alike, enabling you to present your talk in the best possible light.


What you give

As a TEDxEhrenfeld speaker, you have an essential role in making the event a great success. Committing to speak is an important undertaking and we have some clear expectations of all our speakers.

Commitment: Speaking at a TEDx event is unlike no other. From experienced to rst-time public speakers, we ask everyone to engage with our coaching and rehearsal process. You will be working closely with our Speakers Team, who will tailor the coaching process to your needs, experience and time.

Time: We ask all our speakers to have three meetings (in person or remotely) before the event to structure and further improve their talk.

Passion: The development of your talk takes effort! Your enthusiasm, positivity and willingness to collaborate throughout the process are essential.

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