How you can learn to create a memorable speech!

Have you ever wondered why there are outstanding and memorable TED Talks and talks which you forget quite quick? The answer is simple. In this blog I will show you a recipe how to create a good speech with 9 ingredients:

1. Show your Passion

Are you passionate about what you are talking about and can you project it into the audience? It is quite simple: You cannot inspire other people unless you inspire yourself. Passion will help to create the highest expression of your talent, passion is your greatest love, your highest interest. But make it clear for you, what really your passion is: maybe you are interested in psychology but your passion behind it is to help others by understanding and connecting. So, before you start to create your speech, think about your real passion. Passion is contagious. If you are passionate it will change the perception from your audience of your idea. And stay in your lane. If you are passionate about psychology for example, do not talk a about engineering 🙂

2. Give people a reason to care

Try to get the permission of your audience to get your idea into their head through curiosity. Ask for example provocative questions or do a thesis, to show why something does not make sense. If you can reveal a disconnection in someone’s worldview, they will feel the need to bridge that knowledge gap. Ones you started that desire, it will be so much easier to explain your idea.

3. Make your idea worth sharing.

Who does this idea benefit? When the idea only serves you or your organization it’s probably not worth sharing it. But if your idea changes someone else’s perspective for the better or inspire someone to do something differently than you have the core ingredient to a good talk.

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